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Expanse Intersections

Bring Expanse Systems’ unified user experience to your intersections! With Expanse, sensor configuration, channel placement and phase mapping have never been easier. Our unique Intersection View shows you detections at all four approaches of an intersection at once – no more connecting to individual sensors to see a single approach. Continue exploring here to see specific intersection solutions available only from Expanse!

Expanse Stop Bar for Small/Isolated Intersections

Expanse offers multi-approach detection from a single sensor! Get the same industry-leading stop bar detection you expect from Wavetronix in a unique sensor that sees all four approaches and provides detections inside the intersection “box.” This solution is perfect for rural or small, isolated urban intersections.

Expanse Stop Bar with Matrix

Integrate your SmartSensor Matrix units with Expanse Systems for a better experience! SmartSensor Surge not only provides field-replaceable surge protection, it also brings Matrix into Expanse for traffic flow improvements, long zones, and improved zone placement for flashing yellow arrows, all in one unified user experience!

Expanse Mid-block

SmartSensor Surge will also integrate your SmartSensor HD units with Expanse Systems at mid-block locations to improve data collection between intersections. Use Expanse’s stations to easily communicate data with controllers via SDLC, and share data with ATMS systems, even statewide systems, all at the same time! Use Expanse Speed Map to see vehicle flows between your intersections based on real-time data!

Intersection View

Improve your user experience with Intersection View, a new way to visualize the data you’re receiving from your devices. The unique view shows you all four approaches at once, so you see the entire intersection without having to connect to individual sensors!

Complex Intersections

Expanse Systems help you manage even the most complicated intersection configurations. Continuous flow intersections, diverging diamond exchanges, and other unique intersections can easily be monitored and managed with Expanse.

Data Collection and Sharing

With Expanse, you can view data plots in real time, including turning-movement counts and signal time suggestions, and quickly share that data among different teams, groups, departments or agencies. The system also provides easy mapping for backend ATMS systems.

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