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Expanse Motorways

See your streets, arterials, freeways and highways in a whole new way! Expanse gives you access to a non-stop, real-time data stream on a platform that will constantly evolve and expand. Manage all your Wavetronix devices from a single, cohesive user experience, including the SmartSensor HD you already know and trust. And once you discover the benefits of stations, you’ll never look back! Click below and start exploring Expanse Motorways.


Fall in love with stations, Expanse Systems’ unique way to collect and share your data. Stations merge data from multiple sensors into a single detection point. The same cabinet location can support multiple stations, so different agencies, departments, groups or teams can access the data they need from the same devices. This eliminates the age-old problem of different entities installing different devices in order to get “their” data, saving agencies both time and money. Once you’ve experienced stations, you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of this before!

Long Cable Runs

With the Expanse System’s thinner, industry-standard cable, long cable runs up to 2000 feet are no problem. Experience the easiest, most convenient cabling the traffic industry has ever seen!

SmartSensor HD

The field-replaceable SmartSensor Surge plug-in device brings the SmartSensor HD devices you already own and trust in the Expanse universe, adding extra power and benefit to the sensors you already love.

Expanse Speed Maps

See real-time speed data in Expanse’s built-in Map View, not just from a single sensor but across your entire network.

Bulk Upgrades

The Expanse System lets you perform bulk upgrades across your sensor network, making managing your Wavetronix devices simpler and easier than ever. You can also perform bulk firmware version restores and so much more!

Data Plots

Use the Expanse System user experience to access a non-stop, real-time stream of data, and easily see the data you need in the ways you need it! Data can be stored locally for up to a year, making data management and duplicate backups almost always available.