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Networking Open House on October 6

We want to meet you! Join us at our beautiful new campus for the Wavetronix Networking Open House, where you can meet our team, learn more about job opportunities, and enjoy some light refreshments.


Join the most talented workforce in the traffic industry.

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Rewarding Experience

At Wavetronix, we develop solutions for traffic systems that can help make global communities and economies safer and more efficient for decades to come. Our people make a real difference—join us, and you can make a difference, too!

Life at Wavetronix

Wavetronix is a company that was built to last. When you join Wavetronix, you’re not just taking a job, you’re embracing a culture, relishing the opportunities it provides and finding a sense of community.

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Why work at Wavetronix

Closer to your home

Enjoy a challenging, interesting, rewarding career that makes a real difference in the world, at our beautiful new campus right in the heart of Utah County.

Closer as a community

Our brand-new campus is deliberately designed to bring people together through collaboration and through regular, family-focused celebrations and activities.

Closer to balance

Enjoy a satisfying work-life balance, without expectations for working evenings, weekends, or constant, soul-sucking crunch times.

Wavetronix is an engineering company that is more than just engineers. We are scientists, researchers, teachers, technicians, assemblers, machinists, software developers, creatives, writers, accountants, salespeople, landscapers, culinary experts, and custodians; we are dreamers and visionaries and builders, all working together to create something extraordinary.  Whether you work at our headquarters in Utah or one of our several global locations; whether you’re the CEO or a line cook, we all get the same respect, benefits, and opportunities to grow.

Our Campus

Hobble Creek Square is a special place for us. Inspired by our people, we’ve deliberately created a workplace that mirrors our values, our history and our plans for long-term growth. With a focus on open environments and collaboration, we believe the story of Hobble Creek Square will influence generations to come.

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Come join us in Utah

Utah is home to numerous state and national parks, beautiful mountains and world-class ski resorts. We’re also rich in arts and culture, with museums, concert halls and theater. Educational opportunities abound, as do opportunities to delve into our state’s unique history. But don’t take our word for it.

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