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Wavetronix creates innovative tools that help improve traffic on the world’s roads. Our advanced radar offers unmatched performance and is changing the ITS industry by raising the standard for excellence in vehicle detection at intersections and roadways around the globe.

Our core purpose is to enable rewarding careers and foster personal development while engineering the best traffic detection technologies possible. We fulfill this purpose by putting people first and focusing on personal growth. We lead with insight and innovation; seek out, embrace and solve difficult challenges; and strive to change the way our customers approach their problems. Because of this, we continue to enjoy strong growth, investing in long-term ideas to create even more opportunities.

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Our Campus

Hobble Creek Square is a special place for us. Inspired by our people, we’ve deliberately created a workplace that mirrors our values, our history and our plans for long-term growth. With a focus on open environments and collaboration, we believe the story of Hobble Creek Square will influence generations to come.

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At Wavetronix, we are a diverse team of doers, working to change lives by elevating the world of traffic. Help us lead an industry.

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What we do

We help make your journey better.

Innovative Detection Technologies

We are the industry leader in radar traffic detection. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been proven at thousands of installations all over the world.

Research and Development

Our dedicated R&D teams are actively shaping the future of the transportation industry, discovering the technologies that will move tomorrow’s traffic.

Meaningful Careers

Wavetronix was founded to bring meaningful engineering jobs to Utah. Today we employ people around the world in a wide variety of careers that contribute to our success and growth.

Wavetronix Highlights

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Over twenty years have passed since I first interviewed at Wavetronix for the National Sales Manager position. At that time, this was a real startup, with no product to sell, no customer to visit, no path-to-market established.

The cool morning air rushes past me and the eastern mountain shadows recede as I ride into work on community trails and bike lanes. Passing through a mix of neighborhoods, downtown shopping, and open fields, I listen to my favorite audio and consider the day’s work.

Yes, we work hard at Wavetronix. But work here isn't the 9 to 5 slog and daily monotonous routine that typified the post-college career experience of my parents. At Wavetronix, we get to do diverse and challenging things. We get to collaborate with great people.

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