Why come to Utah?

Utah is home to numerous state and national parks, beautiful mountains and world-class ski resorts. We’re also rich in arts and culture, with museums, concert halls and theater. Educational opportunities abound, as do opportunities to delve into our state’s unique history. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials about why Utah is the place to be.

Wild Outdoors & City Living

Our family relocated to Utah from Ohio a few years ago, and I learned about Wavetronix and the great things we do. Utah has so much to offer. If big city life you more your style, Salt Lake City is thriving. Personally, I love the local fishing and the plentiful amount of wildlife here, from birds to deer and elk. There are great trails for hiking or mountain biking that we have enjoyed.  In fact, we’ve enjoyed a few adventures with fellow employees, including trips to Moab. On top of that, we have the new Wavetronix Scofield property to enjoy.  There simply isn’t enough time to enjoy all of the many things that Utah has to offer.

Utah Has It

I’ve lived in 16 different places as an adult, everywhere from Japan to New Jersey. I’m often asked which location has been my favorite place, and Utah has it. From miles of paved biking paths to miles of unpaved hiking trails, there are always new ways to play and explore. You can enjoy the outdoors here year-round, with activities for all ages and levels of fitness. I love live shows, and the theater offerings here are consistently fantastic, and there is a vibrant live music scene here during the summer that can’t be missed.

A lot of what I love about Utah has to do with quality of life. When I lived in California and New Jersey, I was so frustrated by the high cost of everything, from housing to family activities. Utah is much more affordable. While we have found the spending per student in Utah to be lower than other states, our kids have enjoyed a quality education and have been well prepared for college. And I love how safe we feel here. I never worried about my kids as they ran around the neighborhoods with their friends. Community is very strong here. I’ve enjoyed watching people help each other and have appreciated the help given to our family.

Come join us in Utah.

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