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How far should I mount the SmartSensor HD from the road?

The SmartSensor HD should be installed at least six feet from the first lane of interest. It can have a larger offset, as long as the roadway falls within the sensor's range. However, where possible we recommend that you install within the 25-35-ft range. Keep in mind that the farther from the road you install, the higher we recommend you mount the sensor. See the SmartSensor HD User Guide for more information.

How long does it take to configure the SmartSensor HD?

Not long. Once you've connected, the auto-configuration process will automatically detect lanes in minutes.

What is the detection range of the SmartSensor HD?

The SmartSensor HD will detect vehicles that are between 6–250 feet away from where it's installed.

How many lanes will the SmartSensor HD detect?

The SmartSensor HD is able to detect up to 22 lanes and works well in the presence of barriers and medians.

What applications can the SmartSensor HD be used for?

The SmartSensor HD can be used in various applications, including midblock detection, ramp metering, work zone management, incident management, queue detection, speed maps, HOT lanes, variable speed limits, congestion alerts, trip times, and count stations.

What are the power requirements of the SmartSensor HD?

The power consumption is 7.6 W and the supply voltage is 10-28 VDC.

How do I configure the SmartSensor HD?

The SmartSensor HD can be configured using the SmartSensor Manager HD software, available on the Wavetronix website. The software can run on any Windows desktop or laptop.

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