Magical Troubleshooting Skills—We're On It

Sensor Psychic

Let us introduce you to Ronny Sanchez, our Sensor Psychic. He has several fans out there including one who had this to say: “Just wanted to thank you for sending out Ronny Sanchez today. He was excellent and very knowledgeable. He got us squared away in no time. We appreciate his patience.”- Maurice When it comes to magical roadside troubleshooting, Ronny's on it.

Troubleshooting Machine

Meet Ben Hawker. He builds rock crawlers in his spare time, restoring and converting old Toyota 4-runners into sweet off-roading machines. He loves to problem solve, both at work and at home and has a passion for helping people. At work, he is a technical support specialist because of his ability to make things right. He provides direct and remote technical support, assisting in troubleshooting and resolving issues for dealers and territories. 

Radar Responder

Nick has been working as a first responder for over a decade. On the weekends, he's an EMT on movie sets, and during the week, he works as a field technician for Wavetronix. He's based in Utah, but 60 percent of his time is spent outside of the state—it's hard to be a field tech without being in the field! He enjoys responding to the needs of customers and being able to help them face-to-face by providing expert installation service. And when Nick isn't busy coming to the rescue, he can be found driving his Mustang.

Mind Mapper

Giancarlo is an Application Support Specialist for Wavetronix. He has a broad knowledge of Wavetronix products and enjoys troubleshooting issues as they arise. He is an expert at providing technical support and customer service as well as RMA processing providing support for all customers and dealers in the USA and Canada. He puts the customer first and knows what a great customer experience looks like. He is a great listener and has the ability to map out the problem in his mind so that he can help find the answers the customer is in need of. Giancarlo loves to spend time with family and when he is not at work he enjoys watching movies with his wife. 

Customer Champion

Rhonda is an application specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region, and she believes that the best thing about her job is interacting with customers to find the best solution for their needs. She feels that the most important thing is to put customers first, and she tries her best to provide them with what they need. She always works hard to make sure the customer is happy with the resolution. Her favorite part of the job is when the work is hands-on and when she has the chance to be roadside working with customers face to face. After hours, when she is not using her great listening skills for work she uses them to listen to live music by attending concerts with her husband.

Radar Rider

Nathan Smith is your lifeline after the sale. He is a field service technician at Wavetronix and has extensive knowledge of traffic detection. Every day is a new adventure for Nathan, who has installed Wavetronix systems all over Tennessee and Alabama. He even has previous experience installing some of our competitor's products (loops). Nathan knows a lot and he is here to help. In the rare case when he's not in the office or on the road, you will probably find Nathan riding his Harley Davidson.

Problem Killer

Dustin is a customer-focused Application Specialist based in Michigan who enjoys helping customers in the Great Lakes region by stopping traffic problems dead in their tracks. He excels at providing technical and customer support, assisting with installs, providing training to customers, pre and post-sales follow-up, creating overlays and takeoffs, and reviewing plans. A large amount of his knowledge and understanding of the industry comes from his experience both working in the traffic industry and having customer service experience. His goal is to ensure that customers know they can trust him! Dustin loves spending time with his wife and two young children. He loves being in the outdoors and enjoys hunting, so he tries to get out into the woods when he gets the chance. 

Team Titan

Harborcreek, Pennsylvania had a problem. The township reported some issues with their Wavetronix SmartSensors and asked us for help. In March 2022, Wavetronix sent John Benson, Russ Connely and Dan Vincent to investigate. They teamed up with our regional partner, Iron Armour, to evaluate and monitor the situation and determined a few sensors needed to be replaced. In an email shared with Wavetronix, Timothy May, Harborcreek Township supervisor, reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 1 that “Things seem to be working just fine now…their willingness to listen to [our] concerns was greatly appreciated – and their dedication to standing behind their product is also appreciated.” May concluded, “I hope that PennDOT continues to work with vendors such as Iron Armour/Wavetronix in the future on traffic signal projects. They are the sorts of companies that go the extra mile to explain and support their product to customers – a common sense approach to accomplishing goals.”