Quality In-House Manufacturing—We're On It

RMA Guru

Meet Neang! He is an RMA technician who works in Springville, Utah. When a customer does have a problem, Neang is the one to make sure it gets fixed. He has nearly 15 years of experience working as an RMA technician. He has learned that in his position speed is very important. Neang loves to travel and is a bit of a Disneyland buff, taking his family a couple times a year. Neang says when he was 9 years old, he saw a UFO and from that time he has been interested in extraterrestrial life forms. For more on that story contact Neang.

Production Mastermind

Meet Lex! He is a production supervisor who has been with Wavetronix for 8 years. He makes sure the warehouse has what it needs to ship out urgent and priority orders. He keeps track of things so that the team knows the schedule and helps to make sure things run smoothly. Over the years he has learned that the most important part of the job is maintaining good relationships with coworkers and actively listening to what they say. In his free time he enjoys watching heist movies and reading sci-fi books.

Smooth Operator

Meet Kelsey! She keeps the SMT line running smoothly. She came to Wavetronix 4 years ago after Neang told her what a great place Wavetronix was to work. As the SMT lead, she makes sure everyone knows what to do and answers questions when needed. Kelsey is a nursing student who is currently working on her degree, and she plans to graduate in December 2022. In the little time Kelsey has outside of work and school, she enjoys camping and hiking, as well as being outdoors in general. She also loves to cook and clean—cleaning is a good way to destress according to Kelsey!

Supply Chain Brain

Meet Craig Cannon. Craig comes to Wavetronix with 22 years of experience in electronics. He has worked for 13 companies, and he says that Wavetronix is by far the best company he has ever worked for. His job title is Buyer II, which means he procures components to keep the company's SMT line running smoothly. Craig works hand in hand with vendors to ensure that the supply chain is maintained, but it can be tricky working with up to 30 vendors with lead times varying from in stock to 90-weeks. Craig enjoys traveling and has visited 7 European countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico.