How to install SmartSensor HD

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SmartSensor HD is simple to install. How simple? Check out this guide to get you started.

Jen Clark
Posted on
October 19, 2017

Installing radar detection for use at an arterial or freeway may seem intimidating at first but it can be quite simple. In fact, new Wavetronix employees learn to successfully install SmartSensor HD during their first week on the job following six easy steps.  


1. Attach the front plate of the bracket to the sensor. Removing the front plate from the mount and attach it to the back plate of the sensor using the nuts and washers.  

2. Measure the distance to the first lane. Use the table below to determine the appropriate mounting height.  

3. Attach the mount to the pole using a bandit clamping system. First, loosely wrap one hose clamps around the mount. Second, feed the other hose clamps through the holes on the mount. Third, tighten the mount to the pole.  

4. Use a 9/16 wrench to attach the face plate to the rest of the mount, tightening the bolts loosely for now.   

5. Attach the sensor cable to the sensor.  

6. Aim the sensor at the center of the roadway and tighten all the bolts on the mount.   


For permanent installations seal the connector with silicon dielectric compound after step 4 to create a waterproof connection.  

To get the installed SmartSensor HD running complete steps 7-10.  

7. Drill a hole in the pole for the sensor cable.  

8. Run the sensor cable down the pole.  

9. Connect the sensor cable to power and communications at the pole mount or cabinet.  

10. Configure the sensor using SmartSensor Manager HD.  

For more information watch the video below.


*not meant to be a complete instruction guide.