Six Things You Don't Need When Installing SmartSensors

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Whether you are installing detection on the freeway or at the intersection there’s a few things you shouldn't need with Wavetronix SmartSensors.

Jen Clark
Posted on
August 24, 2017
1. Wire cutters.

Unless you're diffusing a bomb, no wire cutters are required. If you are diffusing a bomb, you got bigger problems than vehicle detection.

2. Soldering tools.

You just don’t. Save all your solder for those cool on-the-side projects you do at home.

3. Wet saw.

The only thing you will be cutting is your installation time (see what we did there?).

4. Signs.

Leave your “road closed” signs for a bigger project; road closures are not necessary since the sensors install at roadside.

5. Spray Paint.

It may be fun but it is unnecessary.

6. Pressure Sprayer.

Save time and just install. No worries about spraying pavement cuts clean and letting them dry.

7. Pavement sealant.

Nope. No cuts, no need to seal.

When it comes to traffic detection Wavetronix SmartSensors are the easiest to install and maintain. They can quickly be replaced or reconfigured to accommodate roadway changes and never require cleaning.