SmartSensor Matrix

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SmartSensor Matrix reliable presence detection

Reliable Presence Detection

SmartSensor Matrix generates 16 separate radar beams in close proximity to create its 140-foot, 90-degree field of view. The sensor detects each vehicle within its field of view, remembers their positions and can predict future movements for greatly improved detection accuracies.

Simple Configuration

The configuration software for SmartSensor Matrix is very easy to use. It features auto-configuration and traffic visualization capabilities with intuitive click-and-drag functionality that makes it possible to configure a sensor in as little as 15 minutes. If cable is already pulled, most sensors can be installed and configured in less than an hour.

Flexible Mounting Locations

Flexible Mounting Locations

Unlike most traffic sensors, SmartSensor Matrix’s corner radar is versatile enough to perform accurately from a variety of mounting locations. Detection needs and intersection sizes can be evaluated to determine the mounting location best suited for a particular intersection:

  1. Preferred

    Achieve line-of-site coverage, take full advantage of the sensor"s 140-foot range, and avoid occlusion of left-hand turn lanes.

  2. Alternate—Small Intersections

    Achieve line-of-site coverage and avoid occlusion of left-hand turn lanes, and minimize traffic disruption due to installation.

  3. Alternate—Flexiblity

    Minimize traffic disruptions due to installation.

all weather performance

All weather, all light performance

SmartSensor Matrix is the most accurate stop bar vehicle detector, even in difficult weather, lighting and environmental conditions. Radar’s electromagnetic wave is much larger than the wavelength of light, so radar can propagate through rain, snow, fog and even dust storms without becoming distorted.

cabinet integration

Cabinet Integration

SmartSensor Matrix" 16 output channels trigger four contact closures in Click input file cards, which fit in any 170, 2070, TS1 or TS2 cabinet. The sensor interfaces with TS2 Type-1 controllers via a standard input file BIU.

low maintenance design

Low Maintenance Design

Wavetronix is committed to ensuring that each customer gets full value from the Wavetronix products they purchase. SmartSensor Matrix not only provides highly accurate detections, it is designed to continue performing reliably over time. Traditional loop systems frequently require expensive and disruptive maintenance, and other technologies can require frequent adjustments, cleanings or replacement. But SmartSensor Matrix provides long-term reliability and reduces overall operation costs while providing industry-leading vehicle detections.