SmartSensor Advance Extended Range

SmartSensor Advance Extended Range

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SmartSensor Advance Extended Range bridges the gap between safety and efficiency just like SmartSensor Advance, but with the added benefit of truck priority. Advance Extended Range’s sensor can detect semis and other high-profile vehicles at a range of 900 feet. This range is 300 feet longer than SmartSensor Advance, greater than most video detection systems and more effective than the single-zone detection offered by loops.

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Truck Priority

This just in: Trucks ain't cars.

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Red light+running


Protect every vehicle, every time.

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Want more phase outs with your extra protection? You got it.

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Dilemma Zone Protection

It's one of the most dangerous places on the road, and we've made it safer.

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Advance install

Simple mounting

No special infrastructure required.

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Data for any application you can think of.

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Easy Installation

Imagine never having to trench again.

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