Case Studies

  • Intersection Advance Warning System

    Intersection Advance Warning System

    Us Montana, USA

    SmartSensor Matrix’s high-definition corner radar is helping to make a dangerous intersection safer as part of a system that…

  • Portable Airport Traffic Management

    Portable Airport Traffic Management

    Gb Heathrow Airport, London

    SmartSensor HD’s accurate and portable vehicle detections helped Heathrow officials monitor and direct traffic throughout on…

  • Rapid Sensor Deployment

    Rapid Sensor Deployment

    Cn Beijing, China

    SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar installs and configures quickly without compromising accuracy or reliability – m…

  • Zipper Merge Traffic Management

    Zipper Merge Traffic Management

    Cz Czech Republic

    An innovative detection system uses SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar to combat traffic bottlenecks caused by vehi…

  • Variable Speed Limits

    Variable Speed Limits

    Us Utah, USA

    SmartSensor HD is part of a system that lets Utah drivers know the appropriate speed to travel based on real-time traffic an…

  • Freeway Adaptive System

    Freeway Adaptive System

    Us Texas, USA

    SmartSensor HD’s true high-definition radar is helping to keep traffic moving on Houston’s freeways and frontage roads.

  • Wrong Way Detection

    Wrong Way Detection

    Us Texas, USA

    SmartSensor HD is part of a coordinated effort to address wrong-way driving on a freeway near San Antonio, Texas, and so far…

  • Truck Rollover Prevention System

    Truck Rollover Prevention System

    Us Texas, USA

    The accuracy of SmartSensor HD’s dual-beam radar is helping the Texas Department of Transportation prevent semi-truck rollov…

  • Vehicle Detection in Harsh Conditions

    Vehicle Detection in Harsh Conditions

    Kz Astana, Kazakhstan

    One of the world’s most progressive cities relies on the accuracy of SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar to detect v…

  • Bicycle Detection

    Bicycle Detection

    Ca New Brunswick and Ontario, Canada

    Two cities in Canada have discovered the power of SmartSensor Matrix as a replacement for loops in detecting vehicles and bi…

  • Ramp Metering

    Ramp Metering

    Us Utah, USA

    The Utah Department of Transportation is utilizing the power of high definition, multi-beam radar to improve the efficiency …

  • Traffic Signal Automated Performance Measures

    Traffic Signal Automated Performance Measures

    Us Utah, USA

    The Utah Department of Transportation is using data from SmartSensors Advance and Matrix in an innovative program that publi…

  • Green Technology Deployment

    Green Technology Deployment

    Kr Incheon City, Republic of Korea

    South Korea’s third-largest city has adopted SmartSensor HD for an ITS system designed to improve efficiency and reduce poll…

  • Vehicle Detection for ITS

    Vehicle Detection for ITS

    Ru Moscow, Russia

    SmartSensor HD is at the center of an ambitious project to combat the legendary traffic problems that plague Russia’s capita…

  • Stop Bar Detection of Bicycles

    Stop Bar Detection of Bicycles

    Us Utah

    SmartSensor Matrix is part of a stop bar detection system at Utah intersections that gives green lights not just to drivers …

  • Integrated Traveler Assistance System

    Integrated Traveler Assistance System

    Us Rhode Island

    SmartSensor HD’s data helps keep visitors at Rhode Island’s T.F. Green State Airport better informed about current traffic c…

  • Advance Tunnel Warning System

    Advance Tunnel Warning System

    Us Oregon

    SmartSensor Advance and SmartSensor Matrix are integral parts of an Oregon system that notifies drivers of slow or stopped t…

  • Stop Bar Detection

    Stop Bar Detection

    Us Greenville, North Carolina

    SmartSensor Matrix improves safety and saves tax dollars by preventing temporary road closures and reducing long-term mainte…

  • Dynamic Roadspace Utilisation Manager

    Dynamic Roadspace Utilisation Manager

    Gb London

    Portable SmartSensor HD detection stations allow road managers to determine optimal times for lane closures on motorways, re…

  • Temporary Detection Stations

    Temporary Detection Stations

    Kw Kuwait

    SmartSensor HD’s accuracy, reliability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for temporary vehicle detection.

  • Point of Entry Stations

    Point of Entry Stations

    Us Idaho

    SmartSensor Advance’s ability to detect multiple vehicles from over 600 feet away makes it an effective solution to keep t…

  • Municipal Traffic Detection

    Municipal Traffic Detection

    Tr Istanbul

    SmartSensor HD’s accurate per vehicle speed data, easy installation and low maintenance cost make it an ideal detection sol…