Wavetronix Return Material Authorization Policies and Procedures

(Effective February 13, 2017)

Technical Support Calls and RMAs

  1. Customers and end users of Wavetronix products must first contact their local authorized Wavetronix dealer for technical support, as applicable. It is important that dealers be aware of any problems their customers are having, and since many dealers have their own technical support processes in place, customers may benefit by having problems resolved locally. Dealers will escalate support issues to Wavetronix when necessary. Customers not working through a dealer will contact Wavetronix directly.

  2. To begin the RMA (Return Material Authorization) process, please email rma@wavetronix.com or call 801-734-7200.

  3. All calls and emails requesting an RMA for any Wavetronix product will be treated as a technical support request. To verify that the necessary troubleshooting has been performed, Wavetronix Technical Support representatives will request the following information:

    • Applicable serial numbers
    • Failure mode of each product
    • How the failure was detected
    • Troubleshooting steps already taken
    • Product installation date
    • Installation conditions
    • Originating PO number
  4. RMAs will only be issued by Wavetronix Technical Support once a Wavetronix Technical Support representative has determined that an RMA is necessary.

  5. Products that are returned to Wavetronix without a valid RMA number will be returned to the customer, and the customer will be assessed a $75 handling fee. This applies to products under warranty and to any products added to an existing RMA without the prior approval of Wavetronix Technical Support.

Warranty/Non-warranty Repairs

  1. All products received under warranty are handled as outlined in the Wavetronix Product Catalog under each product’s respective warranty description. This warranty information can also be found at www.wavetronix.com/support under each product’s webpage.

  2. All non-warranty sensor products that are returned will be assessed a flat repair fee, even if no fault is found. This fee covers material and labor required for testing, handling, and repairs. Shipping and other charges are not included in the flat fee.

    * For product exceeding 5 years from its original ship date, Wavetronix will make best efforts to repair the product, but reserves the right not to perform repairs based on the following:

    • Material availability
    • Design changes
    • Scope of repairs
  3. For Click 600 series products, the same fee schedule applies on all non-warranty repairs. Other Click products beyond their warranty date will be treated as case-by-case and may not be repaired.

  4. The flat repair fee applies to all billable returns and is non-refundable.

  5. A PO for the repair fee is expected with receipt of equipment.

  6. If a non-warranty item that is returned is designated as unrepairable, we will discard the item, unless specifically requested otherwise by the customer in writing.

  7. Wavetronix reserves the right to modify its repair fee structure without prior notice.

RMA Repairs

  1. Issued RMA numbers expire a er 45 days. If a product is not sent in to Wavetronix or not all of the information to complete the RMA is received within that time period, a new RMA number will be required.

  2. All equipment received should be accompanied by a PO per the Non-warranty Repair Fee Schedule (for billable repairs); product sent without a PO will be repaired and invoiced per the flat fee schedule and will be subject to normal fees. Items sent in for warranty repair will be charged the flat fee if it is determined that the failure mode does not qualify under the warranty terms. Wavetronix may not perform repairs or may add additional charges to the RMA beyond the flat fee if policy abuse is suspected.

  3. A fee may be charged for all expedited RMAs. Wavetronix reserves the right to refuse requests for expedited RMAs, and may charge a higher fee based on the number of items assigned to the RMA.

  4. All RMA repairs will be warranted for a period of 90 days after shipment back to the customer. This limited warranty applies only to the repairs made.

  5. Products replaced under warranty do not receive a new Standard Limited Warranty. Replacement products will be covered for the length of time remaining on the limited warranty of the replaced product. An extended warranty may be purchased from Wavetronix for any product at the time of original purchase; contact your local authorized Wavetronix dealer for details.

  6. In certain cases, Wavetronix Technical Support may provide a cross-ship RMA, in which a replacement product is shipped to the customer before the defective unit is returned. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the defective product is returned to Wavetronix. If the defective product is not received within two (2) weeks, or 14 days, from the time the initial shipment is made, Wavetronix will invoice the customer for the full amount of the product delivered.

  7. All RMA items returned to Wavetronix will be inspected and tested prior to acceptance. Products that have damage or discrepancies beyond the scope of the RMA will be repaired at the customer’s expense. This includes damage incurred during shipment due to improper packaging or mishandling. All freight, customs, tariffs, etc. for shipments outside the continental USA shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Return Policy for Unused Product

  1. Unused product that is to be returned must have an RMA number issued by a Wavetronix Technical Services representative.

  2. All product shall be returned in its original packaging. Equipment shall be clean and never used in the field. Items that appear to be used, not in original packaging or the original packaging has been breached, will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

  3. Wavetronix is not responsible for any shipping costs, duties and fees associated with returning unused product.

  4. Unused product authorized for return shall be fully refunded. Wavetronix may assess a restocking fee of 20% the PO cost for that line-item.

  5. The following items, classified as NCNR (non-cancellable / non-returnable), cannot be returned:

    • Custom cable lengths and cable assemblies
    • Custom backplates and cabinet assemblies
    • Command products
    • Other products as determined by Wavetronix
  6. Product beyond its warranty period shall not be eligible for return.