Want more phase outs with your extra protection? You got it.

Safety and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. Because SmartSensor Advance can detect the location and speed of every vehicle at the approach, it is able to detect more gaps between vehicles sufficiently large enough for a phase change. By only protecting vehicles in the moment they need it, rather than for several seconds, max-outs are reduced and efficiency is increased.

Most forms of advance protection cause inefficiencies by overprotecting vehicles that don’t need dilemma zone protection. Most systems set a timer every time a vehicle is detected. This timer adds three to five seconds to the green light causing fast moving or other vehicles to be over protected.

Because Advance calculates dynamic ETAs for each vehicle, it knows which vehicles needs protection and which don’t. It only provides protection for those that do and only for the amount of time required to get through the intersection safely.

Additionally, Advance’s ability to see the real-world position of each vehicle allows it to look for gaps in traffic sufficient for a phase change. More gap-outs means greater efficiency along with higher safety.