SmartSensor HD’s accuracy, reliability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for temporary vehicle detection.

Project Team

Alshamlan International, a traffic control and management contractor responsible for the maintenance of Kuwait’s transportation system.

Project Scope

Alshamlan International provides temporary detection stations for traffic studies. The data from these studies is used to evaluate existing transportation systems; design new roads and highways; and define transportation master plans. Consultants also use the data for traffic impact studies in the development of major construction projects, such as hotels, shopping malls and other buildings. “The data required is mainly traffic volumes and vehicle classifications by length,” says Ahmad Mneimeh, project manager and traffic consultant at Alshamlan International. “Speed studies are also quite common, so accurate speed detection is also critical.”

Problems and Challenges

Effective temporary stations are easy to install and can be deployed quickly. They should have a long battery life and withstand poor conditions. They should also be capable of multilane detections. Most of all, they should keep road workers safe. The challenge is finding a detector that satisfies all of these criteria: Loops – Accurate, but difficult to install and dangerous for workers. Pneumatic Tube Counters – Simple to use with a long battery life, but difficult to maintain and inaccurate when detecting more than two lanes. Video Detection – Non-intrusive and multilane detection, but complicated to setup; short battery life; negatively affected by weather, sandstorms and changes in light.


Alshamlan International has had great success with SmartSensor HD station, which include the sensor, a small cabinet with battery and a RS-232 serial port/DB9 connector for configuration, and a four-meter semi-mobile pole with its foundation and all necessary cables. “SmartSensor HD provides more accurate traffic data than many multi-lane traffic sensors, and this represents a great benefit for our temporary traffic data collection projects,” says Mneimeh.


SmartSensor HD is simple to install and configure onsite. “One technician and an assistant can have the station deployed and operational in approximately 30 minutes,” Mneimeh says. The sensor offers multi-lane detection up to 22 lanes. It is accurate, reliable and has very low maintenance requirements. The SmartSensor HD station includes a 200AH battery that lasts approximately one week; if the station is required for longer than that, a bigger battery or even solar power can be used. The sensor is non-intrusive, so workers are not placed in danger when deploying, something that is very important to Alshamlan International. “We are very impressed with Wavetronix and their commitment to the success of their customers,” Mneimeh says. “Wavetronix Certified Instructors trained our technical team to ensure they were able to properly install and configure SmartSensor HD.”

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