The company selected SmartSensor HD for its ease of use and quick installation.

August 27, 2013

BIARRITZ, FRANCE—The Direction Interdépartementale des Routes Est (DIR EST) has procured 12 SmartSensor HD stations for installation on the freeway section of A36 near Mulhouse. The purchase reflects the agency’s commitment of expanding real-time, dynamic operations across its network.

DIR EST is a road operations and engineering firm that manages roads under agreement with the French government. The company’s mission is to design, build, operate and maintain road networks that move vehicles as efficiently as possible, promote economic growth in the areas affected by their network, with special focus on the safety of their roadways for the benefit of all users.

The company selected SmartSensor HD for its ease of use and quick installation. The non-intrusive technology was also preferred because it is easy to maintain and because the data it provides is accurate, reliable, and readily available for network operators.

Wavetronix, the US-based manufacturer of SmartSensor HD, is represented in the project by Magsys, the authorized distributor of SmartSensor HD in France. Magsys supplied the sensors and was responsible for training DIR EST personnel on the proper use and maintenance of the devices. Other project participants include Karrus, who provided expertise on traffic management and multiple technologies; Vinci, who provided civil engineering work; and Sécurité Services Installation for installing and connecting the equipment.

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