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Brand Identity

In today’s competitive marketplace, successful organizations realize the power of effective asset management in all aspects of their business. Of those various assets, one’s brand identity and its logo remain the prevalent symbols of an organization’s strategic vision in the marketplace. Organizations that effectively manage these oftentimes intangible yet visible assets significantly connect with their customers. Successful brand management invokes emotions, establishes trust and echos an organization’s guiding principles. Simply put, one’s brand can bring an organization to life.

This guide was created for you. Please make sure to follow all the guidelines. If you have any other questions, consult your Wavetronix contact.

Wavetronix Mission Statement

Wavetronix produces technologies that make the world's traffic systems safer and more efficient, and strives to create an environment that values innovation and encourages superior individual development.

Core Values

We are honest, fair, compassionate, and respectful

We are reliable, dependable, and responsible

We are "outside focused" and strive to become indispensable

We strive for win-win results

We are actively patient and we strive for lasting, long-term outcomes

We are constantly learning and we strive for superior skills, processes, and outputs

We believe that creativity, design, and innovation are essential and we strive for their development and expression

We believe that management is a responsibility and that influence is the true authority

We strive to make our decision making process transparent and enabling

We respect process and we strive to make it lean, effective, and enabling