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Our students, interns, and newly-graduated employees make significant contributions to our research, development, and engineering initiatives. While our software and electrical engineering teams attract the most attention for those starting their careers, we also offer opportunities for growth and innovation in our community and outdoor programs, data-driven human resources initiatives, food science projects, people-focused workspace design and our IT and InfoSec projects.

Wavetronix’ core values figure prominently in the work of Wavetronix teams. Being "innovation driven" extends to trying new things at all levels of the company. Our campus is thoughtfully designed to encourage experimentation and collaboration, so every employee has the chance to make an impact on teams by bringing fresh ideas and creative energy to projects.

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I think something that has been the most fulfilling for me in my role is the creativity I am able to use. This doesn’t mean I just get to do whatever I want, but having an innovation-driven culture means I don’t have to limit myself to the ‘traditional’ way of doing something. We are allowed to question and challenge whether or not we could take a different or better approach and it is rewarding to see an innovation I developed become adopted and thrive.
Hollie Odekirk, Talent Development Specialist
What I enjoy most about working at Wavetronix is the people and the culture. In my career I’ve found that working with great people is key to enjoying your work. The culture here is built on trust and caring for others. I enjoy working for a company that puts their employees first and I know that my work contributes to meet the goals of the company. Wavetronix is the largest company I have worked for and when I left a smaller company, I was warned that I wouldn’t be able to make as much of an impact and that I would feel lost in the company. I’ve found that this is not the case and that I have grown substantially in my career since joining Wavetronix.
Mark Scott, Senior Accountant