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Drive on nearly any road in America and you'll see Wavetronix sensors. That's because our sales, marketing programs and technical services teams successfully build solid relationships with our customers. They take the time to understand our customers and the needs of their communities, and they use their technical expertise to help build solutions that meet those needs.

Our teams include key players in our regional offices as well as teams in the field who visit municipal and regional transportation agencies. Naturally, infrastructure projects evolve over time, so the process of building trust, educating, and offering solutions never ends. And the transportation industry is a relatively small community - reputation matters, and our reputation for excellence relies heavily on our people.

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Sales Coordinator

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Nashville, TN

Sales and Marketing Programs

Sales and Marketing Programs
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The diversity of my work makes everyday interesting and the time just flies by. I love the culture. I’m given the autonomy to fulfill my responsibilities on my own terms but at the same time have a team of people ready and willing to help me when I need it.
Melissa Garcia, Sales Coordinator
What I have enjoyed most is the people I get to partner with. Wavetronix is full of great people who care and are hard working. I also enjoy helping our customers, whether external or internal, be successful in their work and projects. I have worked at Wavetronix for nearly nine years. In that time, I have worked on three different teams. I worked with Marketing to support our Asia Pacific region with marketing materials, trade shows, and customer interactions; I also worked in Operations overseeing vehicles, remote office leases and facilities and Sales Order Processing.
Jake Wasden, Business Generalist